We understand that the cost of care extends beyond the doctor’s visit; therefore, we extend our mission of affordable healthcare into our pharmacy with the help of 340B pricing. The PrimaryPlus Pharmacists and staff work hard for our patients, creating a trusting and strong relationship. They are readily available to answer questions about prescription insurance, Medicaid/Medicare, generics, reactions, price comparisons, etc. Please Note: We welcome outside scripts from other physicians (discounts may not apply).

  • Our compassionate, knowledgeable pharmacy team welcomes you to compare prices with us.  
  • Minimal Wait Time & Conveniently Located On-Site
  • Accepts Most Prescription Insurance Plans, All KY Medicaid Plans, CareSource & Molina-(OH Medicaid) and Medicare Part D 
  • HUGE Savings on Inhalers, Insulin & many name brand medications 
  • If you have any meds that are not covered by your insurance... ASK ABOUT CASH PRICE DISCOUNTS
  • Easy to Use Refill Smartphone App Available


As a Federally Qualified Health Center, PrimaryPlus qualifies for 340B pricing. The term 340B may not be a familiar term to many, but just know it is a sign of cheaper medications! As a 340B pharmacy, PrimaryPlus is able to buy their medication at a very low rate, in return providing patients with deep discounts on medications.  PrimaryPlus’ pharmacy team welcomes and encourages you to compare prices. It is important to note that you do not have to be a patient of PrimaryPlus to use our pharmacies, but some discounts are specific to PrimaryPlus patients.

Medication Synchronization.

Medication is a critical part of keeping you healthy. The PrimaryPlus pharmacy team knows and understands that life gets busy and sometimes refilling your prescription is the farthest thing on your mind! Therefore, PrimaryPlus is working to help be your reminder and have your meds ready consistently each month. PrimaryPlus pharmacists will attempt to line up refills so they are filled all together on the same day each month. Patient will be notified when they are ready. The Pharmacist will also do any behind the scenes work for you if any scripts need to be updated from your medical provider (if the medical provider denies refills patient is notified to make an appointment). The goal of Medication Synchronization is to make your life easier and help you maintain consistency with your medications. Feel free to ask the PrimaryPlus-Pharmacy team to see if this program is right for you.

Medication Therapy Management.

PrimaryPlus wants to be a partner in their patient’s health, connecting the pieces of your healthcare visit from start to finish…always being there to answer questions regarding your health. Through the Medication Therapy Management program, PrimaryPlus offers one on one appointments with our skilled pharmacist to receive assistance in best understanding your medicines that are prescribed by your doctor. They will discuss how the medication works and how it is taken best for effectiveness. The pharmacy and medical team work hand in hand to review the patient’s medications for appropriateness, assist with any updates to medication profiles and notifies the medical provider of any possible problems with the medications. During this office visits, patients will receive a pocket medication list, as well as, the opportunity to receive any educational materials that will help you succeed. This service is a covered service with no charge to patients with Medicare. PrimaryPlus is working to expand this service to other insurance carriers and Medicaid programs as well—feel free to talk with the pharmacy team to see if you qualify for this service.


Simply download the Free app from your smartphone app store called REFILLQUICK, enter the phone number of your PrimaryPlus-Pharmacy you wish to you and you are ready to get STARTED!   Note:  The former smartphone App MobileRX will no longer work after April 17th, 2018.

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Our On-Site Pharmacy Locations include:
Vanceburg: 606-796-2686 or 606-202-7344 or Toll Free: 877-796-3029 
Tollesboro: 606-798-2072 or 606-291-2298 or Toll Free: 855-436-4810
Maysville: 606-759-1189 or 606-385-2088 or Toll Free: 888-759-0585
Flemingsburg: 606-845-0402 or 606-291-2302 or Toll Free: 855-481-9659
South Shore: 606-932-2138 or 606-291-2305 or Toll Free: 855-436-4819
Bracken County:  606-402-2064
Ashland:  606-385-2081 
Grayson: 606-898-0209









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